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The mantra of this website is being a deliberate mother. They publish great articles written by a large network of smart moms about taking care of yourself, organizing your home, and parenting. They offer tons of resources, from video training to organization classes. I like their idea of Learning Circles, where moms get together to discuss different parenting topics.

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Home Management

To read this blog is to make a new friend--one who struggles with housekeeping as much as you do. Dana is honest, funny, and real, plus she has great ideas about how to realistically clean up your act. She also wrote a great book called, "How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind," and hosts a fun podcast.

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A professional organizer with great ideas, Lisa will help you whip your house into shape. She has a free Organization 101 class that I'm excited to try. I'm already hooked on her podcast. 

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Back when my kids were teeny and I was drowning in diapers and toys, Flylady helped me realize that I could methodically become a better housekeeper. I have followed many of her ideas ever since. I especially love how she breaks housekeeping into a series of habits. Now go shine your sink!

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Lisa has been one of my go-to parenting advisors for over a decade. I was so excited when she decided to make her make her wisdom public by starting this blog. She has great advice for parenting children of all ages (up to college-age) in a logical and compassionate way. 

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I'm no crafter, but when I need to transform a men's tie into a boy's tie or make a quick no-sew costume, this is where I go. Ashley is a genius, at both creating things and explaining how. A good mix of practical and aesthetic craftiness.

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Go to this blog for great fashion advice; linger for the fabulous writing. I love how Reachel tailors her advice for different body types. I'm celery. 

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