This book really is a breakthrough--it has changed the way I teach my kids how to work. One of my biggest takeaways is her suggestion to hold focused training sessions to teach kids how to do specific chores, such as sweeping and cleaning a bathroom, and to have them pass those skills on to younger siblings once they've mastered them. She also has great ideas about teaching kids about money, and about developing family mottos. Seven years after I first read this book, I continue to think about it and refer to it all the time. 

Recommended by Whitney and Lisa.

I reread this book every two years, and it never fails to teach me something new. It has shaped my parenting philosophy. Mogel applies the teachings of Judaism to parenting, organized into ten principles, or blessings. Some of my favorite chapters are: The Blessing of Acceptance: Discovering Your Unique and Ordinary Child; The Blessing of Self-Control; The Blessing of a Skinned Knee: Why God Doesn't Want You to Overprotect Your Child; and The Blessing of Longing: Teaching Your Child an Attitude of Gratitude. Actually, I love every chapter. Just read the book already. 

Recommended by Whitney and Tamsin

I found this book in time for my third baby, and it was a game-changer. The biggest paradigm shift was to think of sleeping as a baby's natural state, with periods of wakefulness. I realized that the reasons my first babies were bad sleepers was that I wasn't letting them sleep enough! Weissbluth explains the biology of sleep before giving practical solutions, so it all makes so much sense. I love how he gives solutions for every type of parenting style, and doesn't judge, whether you want to co-sleep or not, or whether or not you want to let your baby cry themselves to sleep. He also acknowledges that some babies/kids are just harder than others. 

Recommended by Whitney

This book is an oldie but goodie. A practical method to teach kids values, such as honesty, courage, dependability, and kindness, a month at a time. I like how they suggest stories, games, and explanations to teach children of all ages. 

Recommended by Whitney


I cooked through this whole book over the course of two years, as my own independent-study cooking class, and I apply principles I learned from it every single day. It's organized into 50 scientific principles, each one with several recipes that help you ingrain those principles into your repertoire. The recipes are great, but the best part is the explanations of the recipes that teach you why you should pat a chicken dry or rinse your rice.

Recommended by Whitney

Home Management

To read this book is to make a new friendone who struggles with housekeeping as much as you do. Dana White, the blogger responsible for "A Slob Comes Clean," is honest, funny, and real, plus she has great ideas about how to realistically clean up your act. 

Recommended by Whitney

This book actually lives up to it's title. The biggest way it has changed my life and mindset is the spark-joy concept: don't buy or keep anything that doesn't bring you joy. I followed her methodical decluttering process and it was a great way to purge my house of unwanted stuff. 

Recommended by Whitney, Molly