How Julie Does Laundry

How Julie Does Laundry

For years, I tried to figure out a laundry system that would actually work for me. I tried to do it all in one day, but I just couldn’t face doing laundry from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Finally, I realized I had to do laundry every day, and I just made it part of my morning routine. I washed all the dirty laundry from all over the house each morning, so at least for part of each day all the laundry was totally done.

Now that I'm working, and I'm not home during the day, I'm trying to figure out a new system that involves my kids more. But this one worked for me for about 12 years.

Laundry Schedule

            Every day, roughly from 9:00 to 11:00.            

Laundry Routine

1.     Grab a hamper and gather all the clothes from hampers all around the house. If it’s not in a hamper it doesn’t get clean.

2.     Sort the laundry, usually into two or three small loads. I wash jeans together, lights, and darks.

3.     Treat stains and put in washing machine.

4.     Set a timer so I know about when to listen for the laundry buzzer. Switch laundry while I’m doing my other morning chores.

5.     Fold laundry as it comes out, sort into piles and bring it to bedrooms.

6.     Kids put their own laundry away every day. 


  • I keep a spray bottle with one part hydrogen peroxide and one part blue Dawn dish soap by my washing machine. This mixture takes out everything from grease stains to blood and berries. I also use Shout. The best thing I found for taking out poop and spit-up is Fels Naptha. 

Julie Cornwell is the mother of four children, ages 19, 16, 11, and 9.

Laundry Hacks

Laundry Hacks