005 Brataphobia

005 Brataphobia

Entitlement is a first-world problem. And it's an embarrassing problem to admit, because it sounds like we're whining about our good fortune: "It's just so hard to raise kids when we have enough money to buy them things...." But just because we're embarrassed that we spoil our children doesn't mean we should ignore the fact nor let it persist.

This month I went on a quest for an antidote to the raging entitlement epidemic. I gravitated to four main books on the topic, though there are many more great ones out there: 

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As I was researching, I compiled a list of 12 things we can teach our children so they don't turn into spoiled brats:

  1. Scarcity

  2. Contentment

  3. Gratitude

  4. Generosity

  5. Perspective

  6. Hard work

  7. Ownership

  8. Patience

  9. Thrift

  10. Consequences

  11. Transparency

  12. Good Role Models

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