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Add Hex to a load of stinky laundry to remove odors. Great for workout clothes and shoes. 

Recommended by Stacie



Use Fels-Naptha to remove biological stains like poop and vomit.

Recommended by Julie



Great for blood, grease, berries, etc. Julie mixes one-part Dawn and one-part hydrogen peroxide for her go-to stain remover and keeps it in a spray bottle by her washing machine. Aubrey keeps Dawn and a toothbrush by her washing machine for stain removal. 

Recommended by Aubrey and Julie


One of the most-recommended stain remover among contributors to How She Does Laundry. Whitney keeps one bottle by her washing machine and one by her main-floor laundry basket, so she can treat food stains right away. 

Recommended by Ashley, Whitney, Marjean, and Sara


Use to treat stains directly or to pre-soak clothes, or throw a scoop in with a load of laundry. 

Recommended by Laura, Meg, Jennifer, and Cassie


Goo gone is good for sticker residue, pine gum, grease, or other sticky stuff that won't come off with dish soap or another degreaser. It's really strong smelling, so use sparingly.

Recommended by Julie, Marjean, Whitney


Great for pen, pencil, and blood.

Recommended by Marjean


Add about a cup to a load to get rid of mildew smell.

Recommended by Meg


Sometimes you just need to get those whites whiter. Many washing machines have a specific place to pour bleach. Also good for cleaning out your washing machine. Marjean always stores her bleach in a plastic bag so it doesn't drip or leak onto shelves or clothes.

Recommended by Marjean

Netepur, by H2O at Home

All-natural pre-treat stain remover. Comes in bar and roll-on forms.

Recommended by Valeria


Foldable drying racks are nice, because they don't take much space when you're not using them. This is the brand Whitney bought and she likes it.

Recommended by Whitney


Good for pre-treating stains.

Recommended by Jennifer


Spray on clothes instead of ironing. Not quite as polished, but quick and easy.

Recommended by Molly


There are lots of good recipe management apps out there. I've used MacGourmet for 10 years, as my own personal cookbook to store and categorize all my recipes so I don't forget where I found them online. 

Recommended by Whitney